Catalogue Ecosafe

102 Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire equipments and Files cabinets Showers and first- aid equipments The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. SAFETY CANS FOR FLAMMABLES COMPLIANCE - Compliant with TÜV requirements (n° Z1A 06 06 12906 049). - UN certified (according to the models). ADVANTAGES - Safely protect you while working with flammables and other hazardous chemicals in Laboratories and Industries. - High-quality cans, reusable and exceptionally durable. - For safe metering and handling of small quantities of flammable liquids at the work place. - Resistant to chemicals due to the usage of high-quality stainless steel and gaskets from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). - Special containers adapted to safe carrying of hazardous goods on any type of transportation (according to the models) TECHNICAL FEATURES - Explosion-proof due to flame traps, pressure control valves and self-closing metering devices/taps… - Metering device for a precise dosage. - Self-closing taps. - Made of strong stainless steel. - Gaskets of PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene). - Handles made of stainless steel (except for cans with metering device). CANS FOR TRANSPORT - Equipped with flame trap and screw cap without pressure control valve as a standard. - UN accreditation number on every can. RANGE S TÜV - UN U U 05/2018 S01BT S05JT S02BT S10JT S20JTS S05BT S25FT Safety cans from 1 to 5 liters - Ergonomic handle made out of aluminium and orange epoxy painting, model UN with handle made of stainless steel. - Orange shock-proofed plastic ring. - Storage capacity 1, 2 and 5 liters. - Conical top allowing thepossibility to fully discharge the content. - Thread : 1 1/4 ’’ - Finish: Polished with metering device, mat for UN models. P/N Filling and draining Cap. (L) Dimensions H x Ø (mm) Weight (kg) S01BV With metering device, polished 1 238 111 0,7 S02BV With metering device, polished 2 296 131 0,8 S05BV With metering device, polished 5 401 165 1,2 S01BT With certification UN 1A1/X2.0/400/…/D/BAM8603-D/R, with mat screw cap 1 235 111 0,7 S02BT With certification UN 1A1/X2.0/400/…/D/BAM8604-D/R, with mat screw cap 2 275 131 0,8 S05BT With certification UN 1A1/X2.0/400/…/D/BAM8605-D/R, with mat screw cap 5 400 165 1,2 S05BV S02BV S01BV S05BT S02BT S01BT