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118 Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire equipments and Files cabinets Showers and first- aid equipments The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. MAIN INFORMATIONS For security reasons, safety showers and eye-washers are highly recommended in every working area where chemical projections danger exist. Thus, they can be found in : • Chemical and pharmaceutical industries, • Food-processing and automobile industries, • Chemical, petrochemical and biochemical laboratories, • State workshops, car repair shops, printing houses, • Universities and schools, • Hospitals and clinics, • Filtering stations and swimming pools... Considered as first aid equipments, safety showers and eye-washers must be close to risky areas. The access must be easy and well indicated. REGULATIONS ISO 3864 : Labelling regulation : At the European level, it corresponds to 32/58/CEE instruction. All our first aid equipment are provided with labels in conformity with these standards. NF X15-221 norm: This standard applies to body showers, connected to the water system and used on industrial sites and places other than laboratories. The requirements of this standard are similar to those of the European standard EN 15154-1 (see below). ISO 3864 SAFETY SHOWERS, EYE-WASHERS AND FIRST-AID EQUIPMENTS RANGE DL 09/2019 EN 15154-1 EN 15154-2 EUROPEAN REGULATION EN 15154-1 : This regulation concers body showers, connected to water network. The main requirements are : • The water distribution of the emergency body shower shall be measured by this procedures : At a distance of 700 mm below the shower head, 50% (± 10%) of the volume of water delivered shall fall in a circle with a diameter of 400mm, and the area reached by Minimum 95% of the water shall be limited to a circle with a diameter of 800mm. • When no national or local regulations apply, a constant flow rate of minimum 60l/min is suitable. • The body shower shall be capable of delivering this supply for a minimum of 15 minutes. • The velocity of the water spray shall be low enough to be non- injurious to the user • The shower head shall be designed to be installed so that its lower edge is 2200 (± 100) mm above the level on which the user stands. • The water valve shall not close automatically. • Themanufacturer shall supply information on installation, operation and maintenance as well as the method and frequency of routing testing. • Showers must be provided with the appropriate label (please read above). ATEX II 2/G : The European Atex standard is associated with products that can be used in EX plosive AT mospheres. Hazardous locations are classified as hazardous, depending on the frequency and duration of an explosive atmosphere. These areas are defined as follows: 0 permanently or for long periods in normal operation. 1 occasionally during normal operation. 2 accidentally, in case of malfunction or short duration. NF X 15-221 AREAS COVERED BY THE STANDARDS NF X 15-221 and EN 15154-1: EN 15154-1