Catalogue Ecosafe

131 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire equipments and File cabinets Showers and first-aid equipments « IN SITU » FORM : DELIVERY ON SITE PART 1 - JANUARY 2015 Company Name: Address: Postcode and City: Building – Floor – Room: Contact Name: Phone number: Opening Times: 09/2017 Dealer Name : __________________________ Purchase Order N°: __________________________ 1 – Please provide the expected delivery date: __ / __ / ______ 2 – Do a 3,5 tons truck can deliverer easily:  yes  no if not, do a truck less of 3,5 tonnes can:  yes  no Is a tailgate truck necessary:  yes  no 3 - In case we are delivering several products, please confirm if  yes  no all the units will be positionned in the same building and room? 4 – Delivery on deck + positioning unit(s) to the ground floor,  yes  no maximum 2 steps: – Positioning unit to higher floor with elevator:  yes  no – Please, indicate the floor level (for each unit): ______________________ ______________________ ______________________ - Please check: a) The elevator dimensions (must add extra 10cm on each  yes  no dimensions and extra man’s weight) b) The doors dimensions (must add extra 20cm on height)  yes  no c) The permissive floor weight must be fulfill  yes  no IF ONE CONDITION OF QUESTION 4 IS ANSWERED NO – PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING PAGE IN ORDERTO GET MORE INFORMATION If the condition c) is not respected, we invite you to contact our sales department to define a suitable product. Name: Seal and Function: signature