Catalogue Ecosafe

15 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans File cabinets Anti-fire equipments Showers and first- aid equipments Waste container Electronic level sensor Audible and visual alarm Funnel on draining board Safety cabinet Type 90 minutes 791ARD  (draininig board not included) EN14470-1UNDER-BENCHCABINETS - TYPE 90MINUTES CERTIFICATION - Tested and approved according to EN 14470-1 (04/2004) and EN 1363-1 (06/2000). - Normalized labelling according to ISO 3864 and EN 14470-1 (04/2004) norms, and 92/58/CEE european directive. ADVANTAGES - 90-minute fire resistance according to ISO 834 fire heating curve. - Tested and approved by an independent European laboratory. PASSIVE SECURITY - Wall building with double layers : • Building’s outer walls and doors are of sheet of steel (12/10 th ) with high quality epoxy coating RAL 9010 ; • Inner body built in melamine-based wood. - Removable retention tank located at the bottom of the cabinets. - Safety labellings with standardized labels. - Earthing link. ACTIVE SECURITY - Ø 100 mm air inlet and outlet ducts for whether natural ventilation or connection with forced ventilation/filtration system. - Ventilation pipes, equipped with expandable seals. - Self-closing door(s) with possibility to keep the door(s) open. - Self-closing device of the door(s) at 47°C. RECOVERY OF WASTE SYSTEM - Drilling located on the roof of the cabinet for the evacuation pipe, including a thermo-expandable system to protect contents in the cabinet against fire. This drilling could change the fire resistance. - Funnel, made of black HDPE, is equipped with grating, which allows to get back liquid wastes. - Can is made of black HDPE - 10 liters (size of the can : 265 x 185 x 290). - An electronic level sensor is fixed with a velcro strip on the can or on the cabinet. - A visual and sound system alarm can be installed on sides of the cabinet. P/N Description Outside dim. H x W x D (mm) Inside dim. H x W x D (mm) Base trough W. (kg) 791ARD Under-bench cabinet for recovery of waste - One door 630 x 635 x 570 (1) 420 x 490 x 285 1 160 792ARD Under-bench cabinet for recovery of waste - Two doors 630 x 1137 x 570 (1) 420 x 1000 x 285 1 230 EN 14470-1 SAFETY CABINETS FOR RECOVERY OF WASTE - TYPE 90 MINUTES EN 14470-1 EN 1363-1 08/2019 RANGE 790+ARD (1) Depth with the connecting sleeve at the back. Depth without connecting sleeve : 520 mm