Catalogue Ecosafe

22 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans File cabinets Anti-fire equipments Showers and first- aid equipments  765+E + C235 CERTIFICATION - Tested and approved according to EN 14470-1 (04/2004) and EN 1363-1 (06/2000). - Normalized labelling according to ISO 3864 and EN 14470-1 (04/2004) norms, and 92/58/CEE european directive. ADVANTAGES - Fire resistance for 60 minutes (approved Type 60) as per ISO 834 fire heating curve. - Tested and approved by an independent European laboratory. - Possibility to separate the dangerous products families. - Handle all the way up the cabinet for better ergonomics and ease of opening - Frame allowing easy movement by pallet truck: avoids heavy handling and allows easy movement of the cabinet in case of new development - Attractive and easy-to-use skirting board without the need for a fixing tool - Installation rollers included for 791+ and 792+ models PASSIVE SECURITY - Double wall construction : • Outer housing made of sheet steel (12/10 th ) with high quality Epoxy coating RAL 9010. • Inner body built in white (RAL 9010) melamine-based wood. - Thermal insulation panel between the walls avoiding thermal bridges. - Removable bottom containment sump. - Safety labellings as per EN 14470-1. - Adjustable containment shelves. - Earthing link. ACTIVE SECURITY - Ø 100 mm air inlet and outlet ducts for whether natural ventilation or connection with forced ventilation/filtration system. - In caseof fire, a thermo-fuse automatically seals off the ventilation system. - Thermo-expanding seals of the door(s) allowkeeping the internal body fireproof. - Separately locking door(s) with cylinder locks. - Self-closing door(s) with possibility to keep the door(s) open. If the temperature rises up to 47°C, a fuse link closes the door(s) automatically. OPTIONS - Additional shelf - Grating for retention tank - Drawer / sliding retention tray - PVC surprotections - Ventilation or filter casings - Absorbent mats to be placed at the bottom of the holding tank (packets of 10 sheets) - Doors with different color possibilities on 764 and 765 models (see documentation for Range 7.90) : • frame and shelves inwhite (RAL 9010); doors in yellow (RAL1023) - Code lock (1 per door) Removable base Trough Containment shelf Standardized labeling Key locking System Self-closing door(s) with thermo-fuse Moving by pallet truck (empty) EN 14470-1 EN 1363-1 12/2019 EN 14470-1 SAFETY CABINETS TYPE 60 MIN FOR FLAMMABLES PRODUCTS RANGE 760+