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66 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabients Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire quipments and File cabinets Showers and first- aid equipments WHY SHALL WE USE AN ENCLOSURE WITH RECIRCULATING AIR FILTRATION SYSTEM ? When you are using chemicals, your health might be in danger due to the emanation of harmful and toxic vapors. To protect yourself and your close environment, you must manipulate your products in an enclosure using recirculating air filtration (formerly Enclosure for Toxics using Recirculating Air Filtration or ETRAF) equipped with a molecular filter or either particulate filter (HEPA filter) or both filters. WHY SHALL WE CHOOSE AN ENCLOSURE LABOPUR® WITH RECIRCULATING AIR FILTRATION ? Following its wide experience with safety cabinets and storage of dangerous products, ECOSAFE-leading manufacturer of safety cabinets-uses its entire technical knowledge to design and manufacture its fume hoods LABOPUR®. Made in EU, the ductless fume hoods LABOPUR® stand out by a high manufacturing quality and finishing. The entire process being controlled with the European standard ISO 9001 -2008. Ductless fume hoods LABOPUR® provides the user a secured work space for the repetitive manipulations of small chemicals quantities. The dangerous vapours are confined in the enclosure, then cleaned while entering the active charcoal filter. Finally, dangerous vapors are rejected in theatmospherewithout danger for theenvironment.Thus, the user’s health is protected. CERTIFICATION Ductless fume hoods LABOPUR® were approved to the NF X 15-211 - may 2009 norm, by independent laboratories : • The laboratory has approved the filtration part of the NF X 15- 211. • the containment part of the NF X 15-211 norm. • the filter tightness and integrity testing (HEPA filter). LABOPUR® ductless fume hoods are controlled according to quality process and procedures defined by the repository of international quality standard ISO 9001-2008, at the end of the assembly line and before their shipping to the user in order to assure a perfect functioning and efficiency. DUCTLESS FUME HOODS l abopur ® NF X 15-211 - MAY 2009 - CLASS 2 RANGE H NF X 15-211 class 2 09/2019  H122Z + BB12 + TR12 + 2 x (CORG201 + SH200 + HEP 200)  H061Z + BB06 + CORG201+ SH200 + HEP200