Catalogue Ecosafe

81 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabinets Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire equipments and File cabinets Showers and first- aid equipments 02/2020 RANGE 12 FILTERING VENTILATION BENCH OR WALL MOUNTED CABINET USE This cabinet dedicated to the storage of the dangerous products in laboratory maybe either fixed to the wall in 2 points, or installed on a lab bench or a low piece of furniture. CONFORMITY - Capacity of adsorption of the charcoal filters and filtration system tested at the NF X 15-211 norm - May, 2009 (except models AF11). - Normalized labels according to ISO 3864, ISO 7010 and NF X08.003 norms, and to 92 / 58 / EEC European directive. - In conformity with the public health code (articles R5132-66 and R5132- 68). - Electric fans in accordance with CE specifications. ADVANTAGES - Possibility to separate hazardous products according to the requirements of the I.N.R.S. and the Public Health code - Autonomous cabinets for your security - Disposal of hazardous vapors. - No connection or evacuation to be planned, solution without civil engineering. - Immediate visualization of stored products. - Specialized high efficiency active charcoal filter treated according to the stored products and tested to standard NF X 15-211. - Great ease of replacement of the active charcoal cell - Perforated steel shelves (adjustable in height at each 50 mm step), allowing the flow of liquids in case of accidental spill. - Removable PVC retention trays for easy cleaning. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - 12/10 th Steel construction ; White epoxy paint RAL 9010. - Storage in 3 separate compartments : 1 compartment for « poisons » : Swing door ; Locking ; Standardized pictogram « toxics ». 2 compartments for « chemical products » : Sliding polycharcoalate doors ; Locking ; 2 perforated shelves adjustable in height on racks ; 2 removable retention trays in the lower part. « Ventilation / filtration » compartment : Silent fan: 220-240 volts - 50 Hz ; Flow rate of 86 m 3 / hour ; Protection IP 54 ; 20 watts ; 0.1 A ; Noise level of 43 dB (A) (excluding airflow) ; Provided with plug and cable ; key locking. OPTIONS - Active charcoal filters : The cabinets are delivered without active charcoal filter. You must select one from the table at the bottom of the next page depending on the type of products you are storing. - Legs. Removable retention trays Perforated shelves adjustable in height Specialized active charcoal filter Compartment for poisons Locking of all compartments Ventilation holes Reference Description Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Number of shelves Number of retention tanks Storage capacty in 1L or 2,5L bottles Maximum load per shelf (2) Weight (kg) To be connected Filtering ventilation Polyvalent (1) Organic Formaldehydes AF10 AF10 + CDFCORG AF10 + CDFORG AF10 + CDFFOR Cabinet with ventilation system External 850 x 810 x 325 Internal (2x) 535 x 385 x 275 (1x) 350 x 300 x 305 2 2 57 ou 12 20 50 AF11 - - - Cabinet without ventilation system External 550 x 810 x 325 Internal 535 x 790 x 275 1 1 60 ou 10 20 35 This cabinet is also available without ventilation / filtration system and without compartment « poisons » and with a single compartment for chemicals (Reference: AF11). (1) The CORG polyvalent active charcoal filter allows to adsorb themajority of commonly used products: inorganic and organic acids, organic compounds and some solvents. (2) Uniformly dispatched.