Catalogue Ecosafe

88 The manufacturer reserves the right to discontinue or change specifications or designs at any time without notice and without incurring obligations. Flammable cabients Corrosive cabinets Toxic cabinets and multirisk Pesticide range Fume hoods, filtering cabinets - Ventilation Containment and Cans Anti-fire quipments and File cabinets Showers and first- aid equipments RECIRCULATING AIR BOX labopur ® Take advantage of labopur ®‘s technology with any safety cabinet (1) The latest generation «CORG» filter adsorbs a large majority of chemicals commonly used in laboratories : organic and inorganic acids, solvents and organics. 02/2020 RANGE H Ref. Description Dimensions H xW x D (mm) Weight (kg) H50C Recirculating air box (delivered without filter) 310 x 505 x 485 15 ORG50 Active charcoal filter for organic vapors 70 x 390 x 390 8 CORG51 Polyvalent active charcoal filter for corrosive and organic vapors 70 x 390 x 390 9 FOR50 Active charcoal filter for formaldehyde vapors 70 x 390 x 390 9 CAR50 Kit to use recirculating air box without filter 70 x 390 x 390 2 PMAF Manual pump - 0,4 TROR Pack of 10 reactive tubes for organic tests - 0,1 TRAC Pack of 10 reactive tubes for corrosives tests - 0,1 TROA Pack of 5 reactive tubes for organic test and 5 reactive tubes for corrosive tests - 0,1 OPERATING PROCESS The fan extracts harmful and toxic vapors from the cabinet. The charcoal filter purifies the fumes before safely rejecting then in the environnement. CONFORMITY - Active charcoal filters adsorbtion capacity and filtration system are tested and certified NF X 15-211 . - Electric fans are in confomity with european specification CE. ADVANTAGES - Labopure’s technology. - Adaptability to all types of cabinets, with 3 inlets for connection. - Easy installation and connection. - Warning light insures good functionning of the ventilation system. - Front control window immediately indicates if the filter is inside and well adapted to your needs. - High efficiency active charcoal filter specialised and treated following products stored in compliance with NF X 15-211. - Dust-protecting pre-filter, efficiency 92% for particles over 3 µm. - Easy replacement of the active charcoal filter. - The standard timer supplied with your recirculating air box indicates the total use of your box. After programming, every 60 hours, a sound alarm invites you to check the saturation of the active charcoal filter. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS - Steel frame 12/10 th . - Epoxy painting : white RAL 9010, blue RAL 5015. - Soft and silent electrical fan : 220-240 volts - 20 watts - 0,1 A - 43 db (A) (excluding air flow) - Airflow 86 m 3 /hour - Protection : IP54. - Inlet airflow diameter : 100 mm. OPTIONS - Active charcoal filter : boxes are provided without active charcoal filter. You have to select the type of filter in the boarding bellow, as per the stored products. - Connecting kit. - Control of filter saturation level by REACTIVE TUBES: Control port on the front of the box. Easy using of specialized reactive tubes. Using of manual pump for testing. Control of the filter efficiency by reading the reactive tubes color codes. We remind you that you can use filter for specific applications. CONNECTING KIT OPTION (KRC) The kit allows to connect easily your ventilation or filtration box with any cabinet. It includes : - 1 sleeve diameter 100mm, ref CHJ, to fix on the exhaust of the cabinet. - 1 meter of flexiblen tube diameter 100mm ref KL 100. - 2 clamp dimater 100 mm;, ref. CDS100.  H50C + CORG51  H50C + CORG51 (for changing the filter)